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Tom Kaper

         The Best Guitarist In the Midwest

      In a lower price range....


I'm proud to be involved with Play It Forward, a local nonprofit dedicated to helping Cincinnati-area musicians in times of critical need.  We recently produced MACKFEST, a concert honoring the late great Lonnie Mack on April 21 - netting over $4,000 for the charity.  On Sunday, June 18 we honor Cincinnati music legend Tim Goshorn with a show at the Madison Theater.  Event is from 2pm-6pm.  Visit www.pifcincy.org for more information....

My new Collings OM2G Deep Body Custom is an AMAZING guitar!  A traditional Orchestra Model that's as deep as a dreadnaught - really opens up the low end.  Here's a picture...

what people are saying about Tom...

 "We heard he was the best guitarist in the Midwest... in a lower price range - so we hired him for our company Holiday party.  I've got to hand it to him... he was REALLY cheap"

- Bob Bingden - President, Bingden's Ball Bearings

"I think Tom is without a doubt the best guitarist I've ever heard"- Tom's mom

"Who is Tom Kaper?  Get out of my studio!"

- Vnog Bainle - music director, Lost Springs Chamber Orchestra.

"You heard him... get out!"
- Antoine DeBeaumph - Maestro Bainle's driver.